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K1+ (Amlogic S905) / spanish EPG info
« : Март 15, 2017, 05:53:16 »
Hi Vitaly, could you add this development to retrieve the complete spanish EPG info?


i tried to install it but i have not permissions to do it, is there any way to use apt-get with Libreelec?

i had this message when i tried it:
VITMOD-LE:~/vitmod/vdr/config/epgsources # apt-get

 There is no working 'apt-get'.
 'apt-get' is a command to install, update and remove software which
 is stored in a non local repo. 'apt-get' does nothing then connecting to such
 repo, downloads the software, unpacks the software, updates a big
 local database with all filepaths and other informations about the
 installed software or removes or updates installed Software.
 With LibreELEC it is not possible to change the system for security and
 stability reasons so even 'apt-get' would not be able to do this.
 We also dont have and want to maintain such a repo for various other
 great reasons.
 Also Ubuntu or Debian packages are often outdated and not compatible
 with LibreELEC
 TIP: use XBMC's addon browser to enhance your LibreELEC system

thanks so much !!!

K1+ (Amlogic S905) / neutrino subtitle button
« : Март 04, 2017, 07:28:39 »
Hi, with Malaysk rom, subtitle button its working fine. could u get it too?

thanks so much!! great work !!

K1+ (Amlogic S905) / Spanish channels sync audio
« : Март 01, 2017, 16:36:30 »
Hi, for spanish channels the audio channel has time lag.
audio channel run forward the video channel, maybe some micro seconds. lips and audio are not synchronized.

how could I fix it?

thanks so much

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