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Прошивки / Re: Enigma 2
« : Апрель 10, 2021, 21:29:05 »

There would not be a solution for DVB-C from Brazil ? here in the tuner all frequencies do not find anything without signal in the K1 Pro tuner with enigma2, in android they work normally.

Прошивки / Re: Enigma 2
« : Апрель 27, 2019, 20:01:33 »
Good morning everyone.
I am very grateful to Vitaly for providing the enigma2 / neutrino firmware for k1 Pro.
I'm having trouble tuning the cable channels here in Brazil.
We work with Symbol Rate of 5217 but I can not do manual search, because I always have 0 of quality and 0 of signal strength.
Someone who uses the K1 Pro with cable could guide me regarding the setup so I can watch the TV channels.
Every initial configuration part has already been made.

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